Why Multi-family Buildings?

Everyone needs a place to live, regardless of whether the economy is in an up or down cycle.  Multi-family properties provide more stability than single-family homes because, for example, if a tenant moves out of a 100 unit building, the loss will be less than if the only tenant moves out of a single-family unit. The vacancy cost is spread out over many tenants rather than just one.

Also, the income from larger buildings supports on-site staff to quickly address all tenant needs and issues.  This preserves the investment by addressing maintenance issues and tenant requests promptly keeping occupants happy.

Just because investors appreciate real estate, it doesn’t mean that they want to be landlords.  Leave property management up to the professionals, and we have a team of them located where your building is.

Bayn raises capital in order to buy multi-family properties, which we then renovate and add value to raise the income of the building which raises property value.  All processes are overseen by a team of legal experts and accountants.